How to Print Checks With MS Office

Print your own checks at home with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office gives you the ability to write and print your own checks. This aids in bookkeeping and allows you to instantly print checks for your home or business without the hassle of ordering checks and waiting for them to arrive.

Write a Check

Step 1

Open Office Accounting and click "Write Checks" from the Banking menu.

Step 2

Enter the information to be printed on the check.

Step 3

Select the "To be printed" check box found on the right side of the form.

Step 4

Click "Save and New" to write another check, or "Save and Close" to close the check.

Print a Check

Step 1

Open the "Banking" menu and click "Print Checks."

Step 2

Select the bank account to withdrawal from in the "Account" field.

Step 3

Type a check number in the "Starting check no" box.

Step 4

Select the checks you want to print with the "Checks to be printed" list and click "Print."

Step 5

Confirm the check printed and click "Close."


Office Accounting software will keep track of check numbers.

Double-check your check information before printing because it cannot be deleted, only voided or edited.