How to Print on a USPS 228 Label

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) website has several tools to make it easier to mail items. The Priority Mail label, USPS 228, is available from your local post office, or you can print it from your computer. When using the USPS website, you can enter the sender and recipient information prior to printing a USPS 228 label. The website will also display the cost associated with the label.


Step 1

Go to the USPS website (see Resources) and select "Click and Ship". Click the "SignUp" icon. Type a user name and password. Select a password hint question and type the answer. Confirm the answer and click "Continue." Select either "Business" or "Personal" as the account type. Click "Continue."


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Step 2

Add your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and email address. Click "Continue." Confirm your contact information and click "Continue." Click "Yes" to agree to the site's terms of use. The main USPS shipping label screen appears.


Step 3

Click "United States" and "Go." In the return address field, select "Same Return Address From Above." In the delivery section, add the information for the recipient. Add the weight for the package and select a shipping date. Click "Continue."


Step 4

Select one of the Priority Mail options. Notice the cost associated with each. The website displays the discounted cost for paying online versus paying retail at the post office. Click "Continue."


Step 5

Review the shipping label in the shopping cart. Click "Continue." Enter payment details, including your credit-card and billing information. Click "Confirm." This confirms your payment, after which you will see a prompt to print your shipping label. Click "Print." The USPS 228 label will print on your printer.



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