How to Print to a WebEx Document Loader

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WebEx is an online communication, collaboration and sharing tool that is sold by Cisco Systems, Inc. Users can create online meetings, events, training sessions and classes with WebEx. The WebEx Document Loader is a printer driver that is automatically installed when you install your WebEx software. It is used by WebEx to render or "print" your documents online.


Step 1

Log in to your WebEx meeting at the scheduled time. You will see the WebEx Content Viewer, which is the WebEx host interface, for your meeting.

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Step 2

Click on "File" and "Open" in the main menu at the top of the screen.


Step 3

Click on "Document." The document will appear in the left panel of the Content Viewer.


Step 4

Share your document--which has now been "printed" on-screen using the WebEx Document Loader--with other attendees.

Things You'll Need

  • WebEx account

  • WebEx software, including WebEx Document Loader


Print directly to the WebEx Document Loader outside of WebEx by selecting the WebEx Document Loader printer in your Print screen, which is usually accessed by clicking "File" and "Print" within most applications.

Print to an external printer in WebEx by clicking on "File" and "Print" and then selecting a different printer from the drop-down list.



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