How to Program a Lenovo Keyboard

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Lenovo is a computer manufacturer that is a subsidiary of HP. If you want to program specific keys (known as "multimedia keys") on your Lenovo laptop or desktop computer keyboard, you will need to use a dedicated utility in your Control Panel. This icon will be pre-installed on all Lenovo computers, but note that it is exclusive to this brand and you will not be able to follow these directions to program other types of computer keyboards.


Step 1

Click on "Start" and select the "Control Panel."

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Step 2

Double-click the "Keyboard" icon.

Step 3

Click the "Buttons" tab in the screen that opened.


Step 4

Double-click on a button that you'd like to assign a function to from the list. This will bring up that button's "Properties" window. Use the drop-down menu to select a function for that button. When done, click "OK."


Step 5

Repeat Step 4 for any other buttons you'd like to assign functions to on your Lenovo keyboard. When you're finished configuring your keyboard, click "OK."

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