How to Program an Onkyo Remote Control

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Onkyo is a Japanese-based electronics company whose history dates back to 1946. They currently manufacture a wide variety of products for the home audio and video markets. Among those products is a line of remote controls to replace a lost or broken remote or to simply combine the functions of different devices' remotes into one. Programming an Onkyo remote is a simple process, with the necessary device codes.


Step 1

Locate the number code for the device (TV, DVD player, etc.) that you wish to program the remote to. A list of codes for all the major makes and models of components should be provided with the Onkyo remote; check Onkyo's online support page to find the list that accompanies your particular remote if you do not have one.


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Step 2

Hold down the remote mode button for the intended device (DVD, VCR, TV, etc.) and press the "Display" button (or "Standby," on some models) for three seconds.

Step 3

Use the number keys to enter the four- or five-digit (depending on the model) code for that device within thirty seconds. Some makes and models of components have more than one option on the list; try another if the first one does not work. The remote indicator will flash twice if the code has been accepted.




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