How to Protect a Cell Phone From Being Tapped

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Take a few simple precautions to protect your cell phone from being tapped.

Tapping telephones for illegal purposes didn't end with Watergate. In fact, with the advent of cell phones, it's become easier than ever to spy on people. Many unauthorized cell phone software applications allow people to tap into cell phones. This allows strangers to listen in on phone calls, retrieve text messages (even if they've already been deleted), and even determine your exact location by following the GPS on your phone. Fortunately, federal and local are aware of this problem, and there are several ways to protect yourself from having your cell phone tapped.


Step 1

Turn off your cell phone whenever you aren't using it. This will prevent spies from having constant access to your text messages and phone call records. Many cell phone spyware programs prevent you from being able to turn off your cell phone, so turning off your phone is also a good way of determining whether your phone has been tapped.

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Step 2

Disable your cell phone's GPS when you aren't using it.

Disable your phone's Bluetooth capability when you aren't using it. Only accept Bluetooth connections from people you know. Also, disable your GPS connection when you aren't using it, since spies can use spy software to track your physical location.


Step 3

Install anti-spyware software. Some websites, such as, offer anti-spyware programs to download directly from the Internet. Other companies, such as North Antivirus, offer anti-virus and anti-spyware programs for both computers and cell phones. If you use the Internet on your cell phone, consider investing in both types of software for extra protection. Install a security password on your phone.


Step 4

Contact your mobile service provider if problems with spying persist. They can put their own tap on the phone to track down potential spies. If necessary, have your provider wipe the cell phone's memory as an extra precaution. You may also need to switch numbers or handsets to be absolutely sure that the problem has been solved.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone

  • Anti-spyware software

  • Security password

  • Mobile service provider contact information


Prevention is the key to keeping yourself safe from spies. Remembering to turn off your cell phone when you don't use it, installing anti-spyware programs, and not accepting Bluetooth connections from people you don't know, will go a long way toward protecting yourself from cell phone spies.


Having your cell phone tapped can be psychologically traumatic. Strange or unwanted phone calls and messages, not being able to turn off your cell phone, and the idea that strangers are listening to your conversations -- these can be scary situations. Be prepared for stress and frustration as you seek to rid yourself of cell phone spies.



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