How to Put Four Pictures on One Page With Microsoft Picture Editor

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Microsoft Picture Editor can speed up the process of managing digital photos. The software, available in Microsoft Office 2003, allows users to edit and print multiple pictures at one time. To print, users can choose from a variety of layout options, including 8-by-10-inch, 5-by-7-inch and wallet-size photos. This helps users when attempting to print photos to be framed or given away. Users can choose from as many photos as the layout allows.


Step 1

Open "Microsoft Picture Editor." This can be found in the start menu under "All Programs." Scroll down to "Microsoft Office." The picture editor will be located in the side menu.

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Step 2

Go to "File" in the top toolbar.

Step 3

Select "Locate Pictures." All available pictures will appear in the center of the screen.

Step 4

Select the four desired pictures to print. This is accomplished by holding "CNTRL" while selecting the photos.


Step 5

Select "File" from the top toolbar and scroll down to "Print."


Step 6

Confirm the four desired pictures and press "Next."

Step 7

Select the desired printer from the menu and click "Next."


Step 8

Scroll down to "3.5 x 5 Prints" from the layout menu.

Step 9

Click "Next." The four photos will now print on the same page from the printer.

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