How to Put Music on an SD Card

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Your SD card is listed by the name given to it during formatting.
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Copying music onto an SD card doesn't require any software beyond Windows 7 or 8 itself, where the fastest method is to use the Send To option in the right-click menu. If you're not sure where iTunes or Windows Media Player stores the music file you want, however, both programs provide links to any song in your library.


Step 1

ITunes stores all songs from an album in the same folder.
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Right-click a song or album in your iTunes 12 library and choose Show in Windows Explorer to locate the music file on your computer. If you use Windows Media Player, follow the next step instead.


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Step 2

This option doesn't appear if you right-click an album. Choose a particular song.
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Right-click a song in your Windows Media Player 12 library and click Open file location to open the folder on your computer that contains the music file.


Step 3

The Send To list includes removable drives like SD cards and flash drives.
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Plug in your SD card and then right-click the music file in the Windows folder -- not from inside iTunes or Windows Media Player. Point to Send to and choose your SD card from the list to copy the song.


To copy several songs at once, select them by clicking and dragging, or by holding Ctrl while you click on each, and then right-click any song in the selection.

Step 4

Send To works on folders as well as on specific songs.
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Browse to a higher directory from your music folder to copy multiple albums or even your entire music library at once. For example, by default, iTunes stores all music inside the iTunes Media\Music folder, so click on iTunes Media in the address bar to find and copy the Music folder.


If you've changed the settings in iTunes or don't use iTunes, your music might be scattered across different directories on your computer. Repeat the Show in Windows Explorer or Open file location step to locate songs you can't find.

Step 5

You can also copy music to the card by dragging it to the card's icon in this window.
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Press Windows-E on the keyboard, or click Computer on the Windows 7 Start menu, to open the Computer window and check how much free space you have on your SD card. If you need to free up space on the card, double-click it to see its contents.


To move music to an SD card, rather than copy it, hold "Shift" while you select the card from the "Send to" menu. Music you move onto an SD card won't work from your iTunes or Windows Media Player library anymore, but copied music will.

If you can't see your library in Windows Media Player, click the "Switch to Library" icon, which looks like three squares and an arrow.

This method works with any type of SD card, including microSD and high-capacity SDHC cards, as long as your card reader supports them.