How to Put Pinyin With Tone Marks in PowerPoint

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Current Windows operating systems include multiple input language keyboards that you can install and use in most programs and Web browsers. To insert Pinyin with tone marks in PowerPoint slides, you will need to first install the Chinese input keyboard. Once in PowerPoint, you will switch to the Chinese keyboard, then activate the Soft Keyboard option, which will allow you to input Pinyin with tone marks by using either the mouse or the corresponding keyboard keys.

Install the Chinese Keyboard

Step 1

Click on the Start menu, then "Control Panel," "Region and Language," then "Change keyboards..." under the Keyboards and Languages tab.

Step 2

Click on "Add..." under the General tab in the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box.

Step 3

Click the "+" next to "Chinese (Simplified, PRC)," "Keyboard," then check the box that says "Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin ABC Input Style." Click "OK," "Apply," "OK."

Insert Pinyin Text in PowerPoint

Step 1

Click to position the mouse cursor on the slide and in the position you want to type Pinyin with tone marks.

Step 2

Click on "EN" in the taskbar at the lower-right of the keyboard, then "CH (Simplified, PRC)."

Step 3

Click on "Option Menu," the fourth icon to the right of "CH." Click on "Soft Keyboard," then "5 Pinyin Letters."

Step 4

Click on the Pinyin vowels you want to insert from the soft keyboard, or type the corresponding keys on your keyboard. When you are finished, click the X in the corner of the soft keyboard to close it, then click on "CH" to change back to "EN" and input the consonants you need to complete the Pinyin words.