How to Put Subtitles on a TV With Dish Network

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Subtitles are the textual displays corresponding to the dialogue in a film or television program. To display subtitles on a TV connected to a Dish Network receiver, enable the closed captioning feature through its main menu display. Subtitles are a form of captioning. If the closed captioning feature is turned on for the Dish Network receiver and the TV set, and if the program you are viewing has closed captioning available, subtitles will be displayed on the TV screen.


Step 1

Turn on the TV and Dish Network receiver.

Step 2

Aim the Dish Network remote control at the receiver. Press "Menu" to display the main menu.

Step 3

Use the remote's arrow buttons to highlight "Preferences," then press "Select."

Step 4

Select the "Closed Caption" menu option, then the "Caption On/Off" option. Select "CC is On" to display the subtitles.


Step 5

Select "Done" to close the menu screen.

Step 6

Refer your TV's owner's manual to learn how to enable the closed captioning feature through the TV menu. Even if the Dish Network receiver's closed captioning is turned on, subtitles will not be displayed if the TV's closed captioning feature is disabled.


Closed captioning subtitles are not available for every program. If you have the Dish Network receiver and TV set up to display closed captioning but no subtitles are displayed, check on whether closed captioning is available for the program you are watching by pressing “Info” on the Dish Network remote. “CC” appears in the extended program information if the program has closed captioning.