How to Put the Internet on a TracFone

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Several service providers offer $1-per-day rate for unlimited Internet access and texting.

You will need to have an account with a wireless service provider so that you can connect to provider's network through your prepaid wireless TracFone. After the provider connects you to the network, you only need to launch your web browser. Along with your prepaid wireless phone service, your TracFone will also allow you to cache Web pages, access cookie settings and view pictures while browsing the Web. Many service providers offer unlimited Internet access and voice plans at around $50 per month but you can choose to pay a per-day fee.


Step 1

Verify that your TracFone cell phone has active airtime minutes by pressing the "Menu" button to access the Settings Menu and select "Phone Status."

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Step 2

Select a wireless service provider and follow the prompts to setup your access to the provider's network.


Step 3

Adjust the mobile Internet network connection, if required, by clicking the "Menu" button to access the "Browser." Select "Browser Setting," then select "Set Profile." Use the arrow button to navigate to the preferred network profile and press the "Select" button to confirm profile.


Step 4

Enter the service provider's URL by pressing the "Menu" button to access the "Browser" then select "Web Shortcut." Press the arrow button to navigate to the enter new URL screen and confirm. Scroll to "New Entry" and press "Select" to change the URL. Press the "Done" button to finish the setting.



Step 5

Start Web browsing by pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "Browser." Select "Start Browser" to launch your TracFone Web browser for Internet access. You can also access the Internet by simply pressing the "OK" button after everything is setup.




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