How to Read a Biorhythm

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Biorhythms can be use to predict various forms of wellbeing.

Biorhythms are body cycles that regulate your health, emotions and intellect. You have three basic biorhythm cycles: a 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle and a 33-day intellectual cycle. The physical cycle regulates strength, sex drive, stamina, metabolic rate, initiative and hand and eye coordination. The emotional cycle regulates moods, nerves, affection and creativity. The intellectual cycle regulates logic, reasoning, concentration, alertness, sense of direction, power of deduction, memory and decision-making.


Step 1

Find a biorhythm calculator online. You can find free biorhythm calculators on websites like The Dreamtime.

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Step 2

Type the day, month and year you were born into the respective boxes on the calculator.


Step 3

Type in the time of your birth, if you know it, to receive a more accurate reading.

Step 4

Enter the time zone of the country of your birth, if required.

Step 5

Click on the calculate tab, and the system will show you a chart of your biorhythm cycles.


Step 6

Consult the biorhythm chart. Most calculators will show you your biorhythm on a line chart, some will show it to you on a bar chart. These charts will show your biorhythms for a given day, a week, two weeks, 28 days or more. The chart will show three different colored lines. For instance, a red line will indicate your physical cycle, a green will reveal your emotional cycle and a blue will give you an overall picture of your intellectual health.



Step 7

Locate the mid-point line on the chart. If your cycle is above the midpoint line, it indicates that you are on a positive upturn physically, emotionally or intellectually. If it is at a point below the midpoint line, then you are on a negative downswing.

Step 8

Pay attention to critical days. On days when two or more lines converge below the midpoint mark, you will need to take extra care of your body and emotional wellbeing, as this signifies a stressful time when you may feel emotionally off kilter as well as physically drained.



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