How to Read a CID on an SD Card

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SD cards are used to provide expandable storage to a huge range of devices form cell phones and cameras, to gaming systems and laptop computers. Every SD card that is made must have a CID in order to interface with another device. The CID is a special identifying code that is unique to each card, working in the same fashion as a serial number. The CID is not usually displayed anywhere on the device, and few manufacturers provide a way of retrieving this information. With the help of a free, open source application, you'll be able to read the CID of any SD card in less than five minutes.


Step 1

Navigate to the ReadCID download page (see Resources).

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Step 2

Download the ReadCID software, and install it to your local hard drive.

Step 3

Insert the SD card you wish to use into your computer's SD card slot.


Step 4

Run the ReadCID software. Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the program window to select your SD card from the list of available drives. The software should load for a few seconds then provide the SD card's CID in the "Product Serial Number" field.




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