How to Reconnect Cable TV After It Is Disconnected

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Most locales have multiple cable television providers to choose from.

Losing your cable service can be a painful process. You may not watch TV often, but you will never realize how much you like it until you can't watch your favorite show or mindlessly surf while overcome with boredom. Whether you had your service revoked due to lack of payment or you canceled it yourself, you won't be able to restore it without the help of the cable company. Once you get service enabled on its side, hooking up cable to your television sets will be simple.


Step 1

Call your local cable company and request to have your cable service connected. If you are past due on your bill you will need to bring your account current before it will reconnect your signal. If you aren't an existing customer, it will need to send a technician to your house to deliver hardware and set you up. Once your cable signal has been restore to your house, proceed to get your television sets working.


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Step 2

Connect a cable wire to the coax wall jack closest to your television set. Press the cable connector into the jack and turn the retaining nut to the right to tighten it into place. This will keep the cable connected to the jack.

Step 3

Connect the other end of your cable wire to your television or your cable box. If you are using a cable box, you will need another small cable wire to bridge the gap between the box and your television.



Step 4

Turn on your television and make sure the input is set to "Cable." If you have a cable box, turn that on as well. You should have a clear picture.

Step 5

Repeat this process with the other television sets in your house.



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