How to Recover an Email Draft

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Unsent emails are saved in a "Saved Drafts" folder.

You typed an email, saved it but can't find it to send it. Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail all have a "Saved Drafts" folder that automatically saves your email as you type it. The frequency in which it is saved varies from email service. This is especially helpful if your Internet fails in the middle of typing or if there is a power outage. This feature saves you from having to start over again.


Step 1

Sign into your email account. You may have to enter your user name and password to view your messages.

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Step 2

Double-click on the "Saved Drafts" or "Drafts" folder. This is typically on the left side of the screen. This is the default folder used to store unsent emails.


Step 3

Double-click on the email draft you want to recover and . It is listed under email recipients and subject line.


Step 4

Finish typing the email and press "Send" when you are ready to send it.




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