How to Reduce Sun Glare on a TV Screen

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Sunlight on a TV screen can fade or wash out images as it hits the screen's surface. It can also reflect off certain types of screens forcing sunlight back into a viewer's eyes. The method you use to reduce sun glare on a TV screen depends on the size of the TV and type of TV setup you have. Usually you can solve this problem with basic changes to your TV and its surroundings. In some instances, you may also need to purchase and use anti-glare products designed specifically for TVs.


Step 1

Close drapes or blinds in the room where the TV is. If you don't have drapes or blinds on your windows, install "room darkening" opaque ones.

Step 2

Reposition your TV so that direct sunlight doesn't reach the screen. Angle it slightly in a different direction; move it to a higher or lower position on a TV stand or, if it's a flat screen, a wall; or move it to a different area of a room.

Step 3

Place your TV in a recessed cabinet or media center to block out light; or place it in a cabinet or center with doors you can adjust to stop incoming light.


Step 4

Apply a commercial glare reducer spray-on coating or film to the screen. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying the specific product you decide to use in a thin film that redistributes incoming sunlight so it doesn't affect viewing.

Things You'll Need

  • Cabinet or media center (optional)

  • Glare reducer spray or film (optional)


If you’re dealing with glare on an outside TV screen, place the screen under an awning or area blocked off by curtains, shades or blinds, or use anti-glare coating or film.


Always check with the manufacturer of your TV before applying a commercial glare reducer to the TV's screen. Some products can damage screens and the manufacturer may have product recommendations tested and approved for your TV model.