How to Register an .er Domain Name

The suffix, .er is the ending registered for Eritrea in the horn of Africa

Domain names are a means of businesses and individuals identifying themselves online. Every URL is unique and a domain name forms the bulk of an internet URL, bookended between a www. prefix and a .com, .org, or alternate suffix. The suffix, .er is a country-code top-level domain, registered for Eritrea in the horn of Africa. Country-code top-level domains are usually only available to residents of the country denoted by the domain's suffix. To purchase an .er domain you will have to contact EriTel directly.

Step 1

Contact EriTel, the telecommunications company responsible for hosting the .er domain name. Call EriTel direct by calling +291 1 200339 or email the U.S. representative responsible for the .er domain, Craig Harmer, at

Step 2

Ask EriTel for a list of unregistered .er domains. Decide which .er domain you would like to purchase and ask at what price EriTel will sell your desired domain name.

Step 3

Purchase a .er domain name, either directly from EriTel, or from registrars approved to sell the .er domains. EriTel will have a list of approved registrars. You may have to prove to EriTel or the registrar that you are a citizen of Eritrea.


By registering a country-code top-level domain you have considerably less flexibility than usual. As only a few registrars are licensed to sell the domains, prices are inevitably less competitive.

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