How to Remove a Dell Laptop E6500 From a Docking Station

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A docking station lets you use a laptop on a TV or computer monitor.

The Dell E6500 Latitude Laptop has an E-Port on the bottom of the computer. This port lets you dock the Dell E6500 on a compatible docking station for display onto a television, monitor or projector. When docked, the laptop is automatically hooked up to any keyboards or mice plugged into the docking station, letting you use the laptop as if it were a desktop computer. When you're finished using the docking station, you can remove the Dell E6500, which lets you use the computer as a laptop again.


Step 1

Turn off your Dell E6500 laptop before removing it from the docking station.

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Step 2

Press and hold on the "Eject" tab, located on the right-hand side of the docking station. This button releases the laptop from its locked position on the dock.



Step 3

Pull the Dell E6500 laptop upward, disconnecting the E-Port from the docking station. The laptop is designed to pull straight upward; do not move it side to side.


When placing your Dell E6500 laptop back onto the docking station, always make sure the small vertical line on the back of the laptop is aligned directly with the dock's center.



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