How to Remove a Javascript Void

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Javascript is a client-side language for websites.

Javascript is a client-side language used for website programming. A Javascript void(0) error occurs for several reasons, but it is an easily fixed error. Javascript errors are shown in your browser, and the void error stops further execution of the code. This can cause the web page to act erratically, so it's important to fix the error to ensure proper rendering of your website.


Step 1

Check your code for any syntax error. A common reason for a void error in Javascript is missing opening or closing brackets ( the "{" or "}" character). A quick scan of the code can identify if you are missing brackets or have a syntax error that is triggering Javascript errors in the browser. The best way to check for missing brackets is to find each closing bracket that matches the opening one. Count how many opening brackets there are in your code. The number of closing brackets should match the number of opening brackets. This eliminates syntax errors in your Javascript.


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Step 2

Disable popup blockers on the browser. Popup blockers stop new browser windows or tabs from opening. If your code's execution depends on an opening window or tab, instruct the user to remove popup blockers so the web page executes properly. To disable the blockers in Internet Explorer and Firefox, click the "Tools" menu option, select "Internet Options" for Internet Explorer and click "Options" for Firefox. In Internet Explorer, click "Privacy" and remove the check box next to "Block popups." For Firefox, click the "Content" tab and remove the check box labeled "Block Popup Windows."


Step 3

Enable Javascript on the browser. Some users disable Javascript on the browser. If you have Javascript disabled while testing the code, enable it in your browser's settings. For Internet Explorer and Firefox, these settings are found by clicking the "Tools" menu item. For Internet Explorer, click "Internet Options." For Firefox, click "Options." Check the security settings for disabled Javascript execution.


Step 4

Test the code on a different browser. Older browsers support deprecated Javascript functions. When these functions are used in newer browsers, the void error may occur. Test your code in a different browser to identify if it is the cause of the issue. To test the code, open the page in another browser. For instance, if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, open the code with Firefox. View the line number for the error and open the file in a text editor. For instance, "getElementsByClassName()" may not work in some browsers. Replace this with the more common "getElementbyId()" function.



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