How to Remove a Spam Virus

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Spam viruses can do a lot of damage to your computer.

Viruses are destructive to computers and can damage a system in a variety of ways. Spam viruses or spyware can download multiple pop-up ads to your system that slow your computer performance and disrupt other computer functions. Spam viruses also send themselves out to other people through your e-mail. Removing spam viruses requires some diligence and the proper use of anti-virus programs that can locate the virus files and eliminate them.


Step 1

Open your anti-virus software and click on the "Update" button on the start page. This will update your software so you have the most recent virus definitions.

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Step 2

Disconnect your computer from the Internet by turning off your modem. Spam viruses are frequently downloading more ad content and more malware to the system through your Internet connection. Once your anti-virus software is updated, you want the Internet cut off until the virus has been deleted. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can right-click on the icon in the lower right corner task bar and select "disconnect." Some computers will also disable Wi-Fi by holding down the "Fn" key and pushing "F2."


Step 3

Restart your computer and hold down F6 during start-up to initiate Safe Mode. Safe Mode should deactivate the virus temporarily, which makes it easier for the virus scanner to locate it. Viruses can cause pop-ups even when not online since the files are already downloaded, so this will also disable any pop-up ads from appearing while the computer is running since they'll all be deactivated.


Step 4

Scan your computer with your anti-virus software while it is in Safe Mode by opening the program and selecting the "Scan" option. Delete all the flagged files once the scan has completed. Most programs will do this for you when you click "Finish" but you may need to highlight each program and click "Delete." The scan should be able to delete the pop-up ads the viruses have downloaded in addition to the virus itself.


Step 5

Restart your computer again normally.

Step 6

Scan the computer again. Some spam viruses require several scans to fully delete them and this second scan is just a precautionary measure to ensure the virus isn't still springing up under regular conditions. If you start getting pop-up ads arising again, go back to Safe Mode and scan again.

Step 7

Connect the computer to the Internet again once the virus has been removed and the scanner reveals no further hazards.


Spam viruses are frequently spread through e-mail since they send themselves out to others through your e-mail account. Never open an e-mail attachment from a friend unless you are expecting it already and have scanned the file to ensure it is not a spam virus.