How to Remove an HP Laptop Keyboard

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You may need to remove the keyboard on your HP laptop if it needs repair or replacement, or if you need to reach something else within the computer. Removing HP laptop keyboard is simple once you know all the components that hold it. There are three places where the keyboard is connected to the laptop: the ribbon cables sending its commands to the motherboard, the tabs and latches holding it in place on the frame and the screws attaching it to the base. All of these need to be disconnected to remove the keyboard from the laptop.


Step 1

Make sure the HP laptop is turned off and disconnected from its power supply. Remove the battery from the computer.

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Step 2

Remove the screws on the laptop's underside securing the keyboard. There are usually three of them, with one on each side and a third in the middle. They will all be directly under the keyboard. Remove them with the appropriate torx or flathead screwdriver.


Step 3

Open the laptop and look for the locking latches on the keyboard. There are four of them among the Function keys at the top of the keyboard. Push these latches downward with your fingers and the keyboard will lift up and out of the computer towards you.


Step 4

Pull the keyboard off of its tab slots on the bottom and flip it over.


Step 5

Disconnect the ribbon cables attaching the keyboard to the motherboard. Move up the connectors' locking tabs with your fingers, making sure you don't damage the ribbons. Release the cables and pull them away from the connectors. The keyboard is now free of the laptop.



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