How to Remove an Unwanted Toolbar

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Internet browser toolbars often install themselves alongside software programs. Toolbars can often be unnecessary and annoying, taking up memory and slowing your computer down. However, they are relatively easy to remove and disable.

Step 1

Access the Internet using whatever Web browser you usually use. At the top of the page, notice the toolbars, which are basically rows of buttons. The first step in removing them is to turn them off, which allows them to be uninstalled. To do this, right-click above the toolbars on the blank space above your address bar. Turn off the unwanted toolbar by clicking on the name of the toolbar and removing the check mark.


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Step 2

Remove the toolbars permanently by navigating the "Start" menu and selecting the "Control Panel." Then click "Add or Remove Programs." Select the toolbars you want to remove and uninstall each one.

Step 3

If the toolbar that you want to remove isn't displayed on the "Add and Remove Programs" dialog, then search for the toolbars using the Search panel in the top corner of the Control Panel screen. Search for the name of the toolbar and access its parent file. From here you can usually manually uninstall the toolbar without affecting the software it came with. Some toolbars won't show up on the "Add and Remove Programs" dialog, as they are installed as part of other applications under a different name.



Step 4

To stop toolbars from being installed in the future, always be sure to play attention when installing any programs. During the installation, there should be a screen listing the components you are installing. This menu usually includes a shortcut, toolbar and the software itself. Deselect the toolbar option and the toolbar won't be installed along with the rest of the program.



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