How to Remove Facial Hair in Photoshop

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Occasionally, you will have that perfect picture, then notice that you or your subject neglected to shave. Or perhaps you may just want to give a clean-shaven look to a person who has facial hair. Photoshop has designed tools to help you quickly remove facial hair from an image.


Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Step 1

Open the image with the facial hair. If you have an image of the person without the facial hair, open this picture as well to compare as you correct the facial hair image.


Step 2

Select the "Healing" brush. The "Spot Healing Brush" may work for smaller sections of hair. If so, skip Step 3.


Step 3

Select a sample. Hold down the "Option" key on a Mac or the "Alt" key on a PC. Click on a portion of the face that does not have hair. To increase or decrease the size of the sample, press the "] or [" key, respectively.



Step 4

Draw over the facial hair. As you draw, the healing brush will attempt to match the texture and lighting with the sampled pixels. Be extremely careful around the mouth, nose and eyes.

Step 5

Select the dodge tool. Draw around the parts of the healed image that are too dark. Repeat the healing if necessary. Repeat these steps until the facial hair is gone.




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