How to Remove MSN as a Home Page

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If MSN is configured as your home page, it will open whenever you click the Home button on your browser's toolbar. Although your browser could be configured to start up with blank page, in most cases, your MSN home page will also open when you first start your browser. You can close or navigate away from this tab at anytime, but MSN reappears whenever you return to your browser's home page. That said, all major browsers enable you to change the home page settings, so you can painlessly replace MSN with a page you more frequently use.


Changing Your Home Screen

Every major browser enables you to reconfigure your home screen to any page you prefer, such as your favorite webmail, news or humor site. To access the appropriate settings, click your browser's main menu and then select either "Options," "Settings" or "Preferences." The home screen options typically appear on the General tab, but Chrome's one-page interface presents the home page options in the On Startup section. Each browser enables you to select a blank page, one specific page or a group of pages that replace your currently configured MSN home page. Clicking the "Use Current" button sets any opened page(s) as your home page(s).

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