How to Remove Outline in MS Word

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When you use Outline view on a Microsoft Word document, each paragraph of your document shows up beside bullets. Outline view is used to organize a document by dragging and dropping a paragraph to a different section of the document. If you wish to remove Outline view, doing so is easy.

Step 1

Open the Word document that you want to remove Outline view from.


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Step 2

Click the "View" tab from the Word menu at the top of the page to change the view format for your document.

Step 3

Point your mouse to the "Document Views" section of the menu, and click any document view format other than Outline view. Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, and Draft are some of the document view formats. After you select a different document view, Outline view is removed from your document.



Step 4

Click the "Outlining" tab from the menu at the top of the page as another method of removing Outline view from your Word document. The tab is located beside the "Home" tab in the Word ribbon. Click the red "X" labeled "Close Outline View." When Outline view closes, your document will show up in the default view format and you can edit your document.




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