How to Remove Stuck Ethernet Cables

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Most Ethernet cables use a plastic, spring-loaded clip to create pressure and hold the cable in the port. You press the clip to release pressure and remove the cable. If the spring or plastic clip breaks, you end up with an Ethernet cable stuck in the port. Removing cables is tricky because you want to avoid damaging the port through excessive pulling and jostling. Damage to the port creates the need for additional repairs to your laptop or desktop computer. The Ethernet cable for Dell laptops and other brands are all universal. The process for removing a stuck cord is the same across all devices.


Ethernet Cable Stuck in Port

Begin by pressing down on the plastic clip while gently pulling out the cord. Avoid any hard pulling and focus on gently adjusting the angle and wiggle slightly while keeping the clip pressed down. This action may help the cord pop loose from the port and slide out easily. If working the angles and adjusting pressure with the clip fails, the cord is definitely stuck and requires a more creative solution.


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Use Tools

The assistance of a tool is sometimes necessary to remove a stuck cord. Grab a small flathead screwdriver or use something similar to the point of a pen when the plastic clip does not release and it sticks in the port because the spring or clip is broken. To solve the problem, you must place an object between the clip and the port so it can release. A very thin but sturdy object like the screwdriver or pen is effective. You can improvise here and use the tip of a knife or anything thin enough to squeeze between the top of the port and the plastic clip. Gently begin pressing the tool into this space while pulling lightly on the cord. When the tool fills the space, the clip will have a clear path and will release. The process is simple, but it requires some finesse to complete.



Replacing the Cord

When your Ethernet cord sticks regularly, you need a replacement or the problem repeats. Only use the broken cord if you have permanent use intentions. Otherwise, you need a tool to remove the cord every time, and you risk damaging the port by inserting the tool repeatedly. Ethernet cords are not cheap, but they are durable when used carefully. Simply replace the cord to avoid future issues.




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