How to Renew an Expired Nokia Certificate

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Before allowing you to install an application on your Nokia device, the system verifies that the app certificate is current. If it is not, that application does not install and you receive an error advising that the certificate has expired. The only way to renew it is to contact the software developer and request an updated version of the application. If the software developer cannot resolve the issue, you can still install the app by performing a "fake renewal," which tricks your Nokia into thinking the certificate is current.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on your Nokia device. Select the "Tools" application.

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Step 2

Select the option to change "Settings" or "Phone Settings" (exact wording varies by model).


Step 3

Select "Date" or "Date & Time."

Step 4

Change the date on your phone to a date that reflects a valid certificate. For instance, if the current date on your phone is January 12, 2020, and the certificate expired January 12, 2019, you would change the date on your phone to January 01, 2019.


Step 5

Locate the application with an expired certificate. Click "Install" to install the application on your phone.

Step 6

Once the application is installed successfully, change your phone back to the current date.


In some cases, it may prove necessary to change the year more than once to trick your device. If the date change does not work on your first attempt, set the date back one more year. If necessary, continue to reset the date until the app installs.