How to Repair the Error "Javascript Is Out of Stack Space" for Free

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The "Out of Stack Space" error in your JavaScript programming language is generally referred to as stack overflow. When you are using JavaScript the functions it uses are copied into the memory. The memory on the JavaScript is called the "stack." If the function you are using is stacked and the script needs another function, they are both stacked together. This exceeds the stack limit and causes the "Out of Stack Space" error. There are several ways that you can amend this error for free if you have a firm grasp of JavaScript.


Step 1

Open the JavaScript in your Document Object Model program. Check your script for an "infinity looping" function. When a function calls itself, the function will use conditional statements to make sure that the function never loops over itself. Use a countervariable in your script to make sure it won't loop forever without stopping. A countervariable will make the script stop. This puts a limit on the function. Set the countervariable according to the needs of your script. If a countervariable of 100 is suitable, use 100. If it is not, then go with 10 or higher.


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Step 2

Check your script for two functions that are calling on each other to form the infinity loop. You may have three or more infinity loops in your script. Use conditional statements to guard your code against the loop.

Step 3

Check your script for high levels of recursive functions. A recursive function is a function that repeats back to a former part of the script. For instance, a recursive script for a game would be if you failed a level and were sent back to the first part of the level. If you don't have your recursive functions in line, you could start an infinite loop back and forth, causing the "Out of Stack Space" error. A high level in your recursive function depends on your script and what you want to do with it. Recursive functions can be a necessary part of the code, so be careful when deleting them.



Step 4

Build your very own stack, so you know there are no infinity loops in the code. Open your Document Object Model and start writing the script. Keep your countervariables throughout the script so you know there is no infinity looping throughout the code.




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