How to Repair Windows Script Host

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Microsoft Script Host is the technology used for creating automation capabilities within the Windows operating systems. If your script host becomes damaged, it is probably because certain scripts are missing from the host and will result in performance malfunctions. You can actually repair the problem yourself by manually entering a set of key commands into your script host and restoring the missing information that is causing the errors and failures.


Step 1

Click the "Start" menu and choose the "Run" option. Enter the letters "CMD" into "Run" and press "OK."

Step 2

Enter the text "regsrv3," followed by a space and the line "%systemroot%." Immediately after the second % symbol, type in "\system32." All of this text is the main prefix that you will need to use for each entry.

Step 3

Type the letters "vbscript.dll" after the first main prefix line and press the "Enter" key to enter the first command.


Step 4

Enter another line of prefix text followed by "jscript.dll" to make the second command. Make a third command with the main prefix followed by "dispex.dll" and press "Enter."

Step 5

Type in the fourth command line using the main prefix plus scrobj.dll and press "Enter." The fifth command uses the main prefix with the line "scrrun.dll."

Step 6

Add the sixth command line with the main prefix and suffix of "wshext.dll" and press "Enter." Type in the final line with the prefix followed by "wshom.ocx" and press "Enter."

Step 7

Restart your computer to allow the script additions to take effect.