How to Replace the Batteries in a DirecTV Remote

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The remote control provided with your DirecTV satellite service is designed to function as a universal remote, as it operates the satellite receiver box, the various functions of your television, and any stereo and video accessories. Of course, in order for your DirecTV remote to work properly, you must install two AA-size alkaline batteries--an easy process that can be accomplished in just a few moments.


Step 1

Turn the DirecTV remote control over and look on the back. You will see a small panel at the bottom of the remote.

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Step 2

Place your thumb on the small indentation located on the panel and press down. As you press down, slide the panel off the remote. Once the panel is completely removed, you will see the battery compartment.


Step 3

Slip your thumbnail between the edge of the old battery and the remote, and pry the battery upward. The battery should pop up and out with relative ease. After the first battery is out, the second battery will slide down. Pull the second battery out as well.


Step 4

Insert the new AA batteries into the battery compartment. You will see a battery diagram inside the remote which indicates how you should insert the batteries. Simply align the negative (-) end of the battery with the negative symbol on the diagram, and the positive (+) end with the positive symbol. Insert both batteries in the same manner.

Step 5

Replace the battery panel. You will hear the panel click when it is securely in place.




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