How to Replace the Battery in a Polaroid Impulse

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Polaroid Impulse and Impulse AF cameras don't have their own batteries: A small battery is attached to the film pack, with enough power to shoot and print all the pack's available photos. Changing the batteries in your Impulse is accomplished by replacing the film, which consists of eight exposures per film pack.

How to Load Film Packs

The Impulse uses Polaroid 600 film, a square-shaped film pack with eight exposures. First-timers, especially those unfamiliar with analog cameras, may need a bit of practice loading fresh film and removing empty packs.

Step 1

Push the film door latch forward until it opens. The latch is located on the front of the camera.

Step 2

Carefully remove the empty film pack, if one is present.

Step 3

After removing its packaging, grip the new film pack by the rear corners — opposite from the end of the film pack that you're inserting into the camera. The end that should be inserted into the camera is shown by the indicator sticker, which has an arrow pointing to the end that goes first into the camera.

Step 4

Slide the film pack all the way into the camera until it's secure in the film bay.

Step 5

Close the film door. If the door doesn't close properly, check the film to make sure it's correctly inserted and adjust as necessary until the door closes.

Basic Camera Operation

The Polaroid Impulse is a simple point-and-shoot camera. The Impulse's only design quirk is that the flash has to be active in order to take photos.

Step 1

Push down on the top of the flash and release it from the catch. The flash pops up automatically to expose the lens.

Step 2

Wait for the light next to the shutter button to turn green, which indicates the flash is ready.

Step 3

Line up your subject in the viewfinder. Holding the camera as you would a pair of binoculars, with both hands gripping the device and positioning it at eye level, can be helpful in properly lining up the shot.

Step 4

Press the shutter button all the way until you see the flash fire and hear the camera click.

Step 5

Gently remove the photo from the film door when it pops out.

Step 6

Handle the photo gently during the first 60 seconds of development to prevent any distortions. Don't fan or bend the picture: This may disturb development and cause issues with the final quality of the print.

Step 7

Lightly press the shutter button to begin recharging the flash if you're going to take another picture.

Step 8

Press the flash back down when finished to cover and protect the lens.

Self-Timer Operation

The Polaroid Impulse AF model features a self-timer, so you can set up the camera and join in the fun with your subject.

Step 1

Set the camera on a tripod or another stable surface and line up the shot using the viewfinder.

Step 2

Press down the self-timer button. The button is indicated by a small picture of a clock.

Step 3

Get into the frame and pose. You have 12 seconds from the moment you release the self-timer button to get into position.


  • The first 10 seconds of the timer is indicated by a blinking red light on the front of the camera. When the light turns solid red, you only have two seconds before the picture is taken.
  • You can cancel the self-timer at any time by pressing the self-timer button again.

Brightness Control

The Polaroid Impulse AF model features a slider for adjusting brightness in your prints. Move the slider toward the dark arrow to make the picture darker or toward the light arrow to make the picture brighter. Setting the slider all the way to either end produces maximum darkness or brightness, respectively. Reset the slider to the middle when you finish taking the picture.

Basic Care

Keep the camera free of moisture and sand and store it in a relatively cool place. The camera's film produces ideal pictures when the temperature in the room or outside is between 55 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature exceeds either of these extremes, the photo's quality may suffer. Film should be stored below 75 degrees and can be kept in the refrigerator while in its sealed box.

Film Availability

The Polaroid Impulse uses Polaroid 600 instant film, a product produced only by a company called The Impossible Project as of 2015. The Impossible Project is officially partnered with Polaroid to produce this film for any Polaroid camera compatible with 600 film. Film packs are available from both Polaroid and directly from The Impossible Project, with the latter offering a variety of colorful borders in addition to the standard white.