How to Request a Match to Reopen on eHarmony

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Internet dating sites are popular.

With jobs consuming many peoples' lives, a relationship may seem like the last thing on anyone's mind after a long day at work. With eHarmony, individuals with similar profiles are matched up and an open line of communication can occur between the two people. At any time and for whatever reason, one person can choose to close the match, which means no communication can occur. Whether the match was closed by accident or on purpose, you can request to have the match reopened by an eHarmony representative.


Step 1

Reference the name and eHarmony ID number of the person you are requesting to reopen the eHarmony connection with. Customer service will need the name and ID number to retrieve and request information from your match.

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Step 2

Call the eHarmony customer service toll-free line at 1-800-951-2023. Provide the customer service representative with the first and last name and the eHarmony ID number. You will also need to provide them with contact email and phone number so they can reach you once your match responds.



Step 3

Wait for a response. If your match grants the connection to be reopened, you will be able to view his profile within a few days. If not, you will receive an email or phone call regarding the request denial of reopening the connection.



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