How to Reset A Cable Box

By Ruri Ranbe

The set-top box connected to your television delivers digital cable to the TV. If the cable box loses signal, fails to broadcast in high-definition -- despite having an HDTV and HD-compatible box -- or displays a pixelated or distorted image on some or all channels, the box might need to be reset. You can power-cycle the device as a troubleshooting method to see if the problem goes away.

Step 1

Hold down the "Vol+," "Vol-" and "Info" buttons on the front of the cable box until the device shuts off.

Step 2

Unplug the cable box from its electrical outlet if the device remains on.

Step 3

Wait 20 seconds and then reconnect the box to power to reboot the device. When the current time appears on the display panel, the reboot is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • On some models, you may need to hold down the "Select" and "Power" buttons.
  • Contact your cable provider for further assistance if the above instructions fail to reset the box.