How to Reset a Dish Network Remote

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How to Reset a Dish Network Remote
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The U.S.-based Dish Network oversees the popular Dish satellite television provider. Although streaming technology has made significant inroads into the television and media industry as a whole, dish service remains the preferred option for many individuals in remote areas of the country who do not have access to high-speed internet services. When individuals subscribe to the Dish service, they are given a free voice remote and DVR hardware. The intuitive nature of this hardware allows you to reset your Dish Network remote control as needed without much hassle.


The steps you use to connect your Dish remote to your receiver depend on the type of receiver you use. If you can't connect your remote to your receiver, try to reset your remote by removing and replacing the batteries.

The Basics of Dish Network

The core functionality of Dish service is built around satellite connectivity. When Dish subscribers access television programming, they receive a signal to the satellite dish that is installed on their property. This signal is sent from what is known as a Direct Broadcasting Satellite, also referred to as a DBS. By aiming their home satellite dishes in the direction of a Dish DBS, subscribers gain access to the television programming offered by the company.

Before programming reaches the DBS, it is first broadcast to the satellite from the Dish Network broadcast center. Programs are sent to the broadcast center from major television network providers in a high-quality digital format, and only high-quality digital media is transferred between the broadcast center and the DBS.

When a signal is received by the subscriber's satellite dish from the DBS, it remains scrambled until it has been successfully converted to a viewable format by the receiver delivered to Dish Network customers. Not only does the receiver "translate" the content it receives so it can be viewed by audiences, but it also parses this media into individual channels as needed.

Resetting Your Dish Remote

If you are having trouble with your Dish remote, you may need to reset the hardware to make it function properly again. The specific steps you use to reset your remote depend on the type of receiver you have installed in your home. Although the steps here are primarily intended for the popular Hopper family of receivers, you can explore the Dish website to find information on how to troubleshoot remote issues with ViP receivers and other devices.

As a first step, check to make sure that you are using the correct remote for the specific receiver you are experiencing issues with. Many times, individuals think they have malfunctioning devices and then realize that they have paired their remote with the wrong receiver unit. Since each Hopper has its own unique remote assigned to it, press the Locate Remote button on the front of the unit. This should cause the correct remote to beep. If you discover that you have not been using the correct remote, this may solve your problem and make a reset unnecessary.

Reset and Program Dish Remotes

If you have confirmed you are using the correct remote and problems persists, press the Sat button on the remote, followed by the Sys info/System info button on the front face of the receiver. At this point, press the Sat button on the remote again. If this process functions as intended, your remote should directly link to the receiver.

If a connection still isn't made, you may benefit from a few simple tasks, including changing the batteries on your remote and checking to make sure that the antenna attached to the receiver is securely connected and has not been damaged. If the problem persists, contact the support team at Dish to remedy this issue.