How to Reset a Dish Network Remote

By Eoghan McCloskey

When using a Dish Network remote to control your Dish receiver, you may at times find that the remote loses functionality and you are not able to control the receiver with your remote. Dish Network tends to use infrared (IR) remote controls, and therefore remotes can be interrupted by other IR signals that may occur in the home, even signals from other Dish Network remotes. Luckily, the process for resetting the Dish remote and restoring its full functionality is quite simple.

Step 1

Check remote address. Press the "System Information" button on the front panel of your Dish receiver. Look among the information on the screen for "Remote Address." Take note of what number it is set to currently.

Step 2

Set the remote for Readdressing. Locate the SAT button on the top of the remote and hold it down until the other clear function buttons on the top of the remote light up once. The remote is now ready to be readdressed.

Step 3

Readdress remote. Press any number between 1-15 other than the number that the remote is currently addressed to. In other words, if the system info screen indicated the remote address is currently set to 7, press any number from 1-15 other than 7. Press the pound (#) button and the SAT light should blink three times. When it does, press the record button. The system info screen should now display the new remote address.

Step 4

Test the remote. Press power and see if the Dish receiver turns off. If not, you can try the entire process again, try replacing the remote's batteries, or contact Dish Network technical support for further assistance.