How to Reset a Locked Phone

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Reset your locked cell phone.

If you have locked your cell phone and don't know the password, the cell phone will not allow you to use it to make or receive calls. The only way to use your cell phone after you have locked yourself out of it is to reset the phone so that you can get into it and change the password. Each cell phone acts differently when it is locked, and it is up to the owner to figure out how to unlock it.


Step 1

Turn your cell phone off and make sure it shuts down completely. Find the battery and remove it from your phone. The battery is normally located in the back of a cell phone. Let the phone sit without the battery in it for anywhere between two and 10 minutes before you put it back in.

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Step 2

Place the cell phone battery back into the cell phone and turn the phone on. Check your phone to see if this has reset the lock function.


Step 3

Use your cell phone's user manual as a reference. Look up information on "Locked phone," "Unlocking phone" and "Troubleshooting phone." The user manual will contain tips on how to unlock your phone.

Step 4

Contact your service provider and request that it unlock your phone. The service provider will require proof that you are a customer. If you contact the provider via phone you will need to provide your name and address. If you go in person you will need identification.