How to Reset a Mediacom HDTV Box

Mediacom's HD cable boxes allow you to view programming offered by Mediacom in high definition. It is possible, however, that you may run into problems while using one of these boxes. Problems can include image freezing and sound issues. Resetting the box can help solve these issues. There are two ways in which to reset a box. One way is to simply unplug it and plug it back in. The other way is to reset the box to its factory default settings, meaning the box is restored back to the state it was in when you first turned it on.

Unplug the Box

Step 1

Turn the box off (if it is not already turned off).

Step 2

Unplug the box's main power cord and wait for a few minutes. Plug the box back in.

Step 3

Wait for the time to reappear on the box's front display. When it does, turn the box back on.

Restore Factory Defaults

Step 1

Turn the box on. Press the power button on the remote and, within one second of pressing the power button, press the "Menu" button.

Step 2

Look at the box's front panel. It should read "ASPt." The "User Settings" menu should also appear on the right of the TV screen.

Step 3

Use the arrow up and arrow down buttons to highlight "Restore Defaults." Press the "Select" button to choose that option.

Step 4

Confirm that you wish to reset the box to its default settings. Press the power button to exit out of the "User Settings" menu and the box restores itself to its default settings.


Resetting the box to factory defaults resets all of your settings. This means that any settings you changed need to be changed back after the reset.