How to Reset a Samsung Cell Phone

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Cell phones have so many settings and menus that can be changed, and it is easy to set something incorrectly. Many times it is hard to remember what you have changed. It is not always convenient to run to the cell phone store to have your phone settings reset. Samsung, and most other cell phone companies, include with their phones a factory reset function that you can do yourself. However, doing this will reset your phone and you will lose all of your settings and data in the phone.


Step 1

Power the phone on. The phone should go through the basic start-up process and open to the main screen.

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Step 2

Press the "Menu" button and find the "Settings" option. It may be under "Privacy" depending on your particular phone. Choose "Factory Data Reset" or "Reset Settings." You may have a more extensive menu that lets you choose what to reset, such as sound settings, display settings, phone settings or all settings.


Step 3

Reset the phone by choosing "All" or "Restore Factory Settings." Press the "Yes" button when the phone asks you to confirm that you want to reset it.

Step 4

Turn the phone off and then back on again. When it comes back on you will be able to reconfigure your settings correctly.