How to Reset a ShoreTel 230 Phone

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Reset the ShoreTel IP 230 phone in a few, easy steps.
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The ShoreTel IP 230 phone is a landline telephone manufactured by ShoreTel for office and commercial use. If you experience problems with your device, such as it being unresponsive, you may have to perform a factory reboot in order to solve the issue. A factory reboot will erase all settings and personal data from the phone, so only do it as a last resort, at the direction of your system administrator


Resetting the Phone

Firstly, hang up the phone if it is off the hook; otherwise the reset will not work. Press the Mute button, which is the second round, gray button located to the right of the handset. The phone's LED light should be off at this point. If it lights up, pick up and then replace the handset. Then, type R-E-S-E-T on the keypad followed by the # key located in the bottom right corner of the keypad. The phone will now reset.

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