How to Reset a TracFone Voicemail Password

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Notification is received on your TracFone for new voice messages.

As a TracFone customer, you can subscribe to voicemail. Callers are able to leave short voice messages when you are unable to answer your phone or when the line is busy. Messages are retrieved at a later time by you using a password. The password can be used to access your messages directly from the TracFone or from another phone. The password can be reset at any time from your phone's voicemail system.


Step 1

Press and hold down the "1" key to dial your voicemail while on your TracFone's home screen.

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Step 2

Enter your voicemail's passcode. Listen to your messages.

Step 3

Press "3" on your phone's keypad to access the voicemail setup options.



Step 4

Select "2" to change your voicemail's password. Confirm your selection by reentering the number. Hang up the phone when you receive confirmation the password was successfully changed.




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