How to Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge Chip

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The ink cartridge chip indicates when the cartridge is out of ink.

Many Epson ink cartridges come with their own installed chip. Each time the cartridge runs low on ink, the chip is tripped, causing the cartridge to stop working in the printer. Most people think that once the chip trips in the cartridge, it can no longer be used. But you do not need to buy a new ink cartridge right away. It is still possible to reuse the same cartridge. You just need to reset the chip and refill the cartridge with new ink.


Step 1

Refill your Epson cartridge with ink by poking a hole in the label found at the top of your cartridge. Inject a new ink into the hole's chamber using a plastic syringe. Before refilling the cartridge, tape over the outlet holes at the bottom, and tape over the new holes that you make afterward. You will find the tape, ink and syringe inside a Epson refill kit when can be purchased at retailers or online.


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Step 2

Get your Epson chip resetter and look for the notches or ridges on it. These notches and ridges are the resetting pins and can be found at the bottom of the device. These are made in different sizes for every cartridge type. Pull the plastic film to remove the pins' covering.

Step 3

Locate the chip on your ink cartridge. This can be found at the back of your cartridge, right above its outlet holes. Line the chip up with the resetter's pins.


Step 4

Press the resetter against your ink cartridge in order for the pin to touch the chip. You should see a green LED light flashing on the resetter to signal that you are doing it correctly. Separate the cartridge from the resetter and reconnect it if it flashes a red light.

Step 5

Hold the resetter and the cartridge together as you wait for the green LED light to start blinking and turn off by itself. This will take up to six seconds. Once the light goes off, it means the cartridge chip has been reset.

Things You'll Need

  • Epson refill kit

  • Epson chip resetter


You can test if the ink cartridge is working by ordering a print job through your PC. Do not remove the tapes over the outlet holes until you have successfully completed the cleaning cycle.