How to Reset Canon Printers to Clear the Ink Waste Tank Error Message

By Techwalla Contributor

On occasion, Canon brand printers will report an error that the "Ink Waste is Full" (or similar error) that prevents the user from printing. One method that will enable the user to continue to print and postpone sending the printer to the manufacturer to perform maintenance on the ink waste tank, is to perform a reset on the printer that will clear the error so that the user can then proceed with the print job. The following instructions will enable the user to perform the reset mentioned above.

Things You'll Need

  • These instructions

Step 1

First, unplug the power from the printer and all connections (including USB to the PC as well).

Step 2

Next, press and hold the Start button while plugging the power back into the printer.

Step 3

While still holding the Start button, press the Resume button twice (which then allows for Removal of Ink Cartridges(if you are past the limit otherwise leave them in).

Step 4

Now repeat Step 1 and then repeat Step 2 above.

Step 5

Press the Resume button 4 times (note that the light will only blink the first two times of the four times that you press the button)

Step 6

The error should now have cleared so that you can use the printer.

Tips & Warnings

  • This procedure generally works with Canon Ink Jet printers however there are some models that may not support this procedure.
  • Note that this procedure provides a way to reset the printer so that the error condition does not block pending print jobs. It is not a replacement for proper maintenance of the ink waste which must be handled by a Canon service center.