How to Reset the Master Setting on My RCA Big Screen TV

You can reset any setting on your RCA television.

With most television systems, including large-screen RCA models, you have the ability to change settings on the set. The settings are not just for the image but the audio quality and connection options. If, however, you no longer want the saved settings and can't remember the originals, it is possible to reset everything back to the master settings, through a few button presses on the RCA television's remote control

Step 1

Power on the RCA television and press the "Menu" button on its remote control.

Step 2

Select "Settings" and scroll down to the bottom of the options screen.

Step 3

Choose "Additional Options" and the screen blinks, displaying a few additional features on the television.

Step 4

Push the directional arrow button down until you highlight "Reset Settings." Press "Enter." You are asked whether you are sure you want to reset the settings. Choose "OK."