How to Reset the Power Button on a Comcast Motorola Cable Box

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Reset a Comcast cable TV box by unplugging the unit.

A Comcast Motorola cable box receives and unscrambles the programming signals from cable television service. While the unit is designed for trouble-free service, the box may occasionally lock up or freeze and stop working normally. Resetting the box will usually correct the jam so programs can be enjoyed on your TV. The two-step process for resetting the box requires an extra pair of hands, so get a friend to help before attempting to reset the unit.


Step 1

Disconnect any phone line that may be plugged into the back of the Motorola box by pressing down on the plastic tab on the end of the line and pulling the plug straight out.

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Step 2

Turn on the TV and the cable box, then unplug the cable box from the electrical outlet while the box is turned on.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Power" button and the "Guide" or "Select" button (depending on the Motorola model) on the front of the cable box for at least 20 seconds.


Step 4

Have a friend plug in the power cord for the cable box while continuing to press the two buttons on the unit.

Step 5

Release the two buttons after the on-screen guide clears on the TV screen. The box is now reset.

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