How to Reset the Toner on a Samsung

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Samsung cartridges have a mechanism through which they notify printers when they are running low on ink. Unfortunately, this mechanism is not reversible, which means if you refill the cartridge with more ink, the cartridge still gives the "Low ink" message and refuses to print. To solve this problem, you need to reset the cartridge.


Step 1

Purchase a reset fuse for your Samsung toner cartridge . The fuse is specific to the cartridge model. You can find this reset fuse at an online shop or computer hardware store that sells printer accessories.

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Step 2

Hold the cartridge in your hands like you would while sliding it into the printer. Now look at the far left edge of the cartridge. You will see a Phillips screw head and a tiny claw that is holding a fuse in place. You have to replace this fuse to get the cartridge working.



Step 3

Pull out the fuse from the fuse compartment of the cartridge. Install the new one, just like the old one was installed. You will just have to push it in until you hear it click.



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