How To Resolve Monitor Color Problems

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Oftentimes your computer monitor won't need adjusting right out of the box. The picture quality is acceptable and good enough for use. But if you're having problems with your monitor's color, you need to make some adjustments to resolve the issue. Resolving problems with monitor display color is easy to do, only takes a few minutes and depends on how picky you are about color accuracy on your screen.


Step 1

Power on your PC and computer monitor. Make sure they're connected so your PC displays on the monitor.

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Step 2

Set your monitor to the default settings. Refer to your monitor's user manual to determine how this is done.


Step 3

Click the "Start" button on the taskbar and open the "Control Panel."

Step 4

Click "Appearance and Personalization" and then click "Display." From here you can adjust the settings on your computer's monitor.


Step 5

Click "Change display settings" and then "Advanced settings." Click the "Monitor" tab and under "Colors:" make sure it is set to the highest setting or "True Color." Click "Apply." Don't click "OK" or "Cancel" yet.



Step 6

Click the "Color Management" tab. Then click the "Color Management..." button. On the "Color Management" menu, proceed to the "Advanced" tab and click "Calibrate Display".

Step 7

Follow the instructions as Windows walks you through the calibration process.


Step 8

Adjust the monitor's settings according to the user manual if the color is still off. Afterward, run through the color calibration process again. Repeat until you are satisfied.




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