How to Restart Kerberos in Linux

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Restarting Kerberos is done on the Linux command line interface.

Kerberos runs as a service on the Linux operating system. If any changes are made to Kerberos, such as any administrative configuration changes or if Kerberos has been restored from backup, the service must be restarted before the changes can take effect. Stopping or restarting Kerberos on a Linux server requires the Terminal application. Only the root user can start and stop system services.


Step 1

Open a terminal window. The "Terminal" application can be found under "Accessories," "System Tools," "XShells" or "Utilities," depending on your Linux distribution. It may also be called "XTerm" or "Konsole."

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Step 2

Type the command "su" to become the root user. Provide the root password when prompted.


Step 3

Type the following three commands to stop Kerberos:

/sbin/service krb5kdc stop /sbin/service kadmin stop /sbin/service krb524 stop


Step 4

Type the following three commands to restart Kerberos:


/sbin/service krb5kdc start /sbin/service kadmin start /sbin/service krb524 start

Step 5

Type "exit" to close the root session.

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