How to Restore a Compaq Evo Without a Disc

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You can restore your Compaq Evo's factory settings without even needing its recovery discs.

When Windows seems like it is beyond repair, it may just be time to restore your Compaq Evo's factory settings. If you do not have the discs that came with your machine, you can still use the recovery partition to perform this task. Restoring Windows to your Compaq Evo can be done with only and hour or two of your time. There is no need to wait for recovery discs to come in the mail, because you can follow these steps to get the same results.


Step 1

Turn your computer off by clicking "Start," the "Shutdown" button, and "Shutdown" once again from the pop-out list of options.

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Step 2

Power your machine back on.


Step 3

Hit the "F11" key repeatedly whenever the computer restarts. This will take you to the Recovery screen.

Step 4

Click "Next," then "Yes" from that screen. This will take you to the Standard Recovery screen. If you only want to restore the original files that were installed with your machine, choose this method. If you want to do a complete factory restore, erasing everything and reinstalling Windows, go to Step 5. If you are performing a Standard Recovery, skip to Step 6.



Step 5

Click "Advanced" and then select "Destructive Recovery." This method will wipe your hard drive completely, reverting it to its original state. You will have to click "OK" to verify that you want to proceed with the process.

Step 6

Follow the installation instructions that appear once your Compaq Evo restarts after completion of the recovery. You will be asked at enter your Windows configuration settings, such as language, time and display settings.


Make sure to save everything of importance on your Compaq Evo to an external drive or storage device before restoring.

Both methods of recovery can vary in the amount of time that they need to be completed, so be prepared to have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.



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