How to Rotate a Table in Microsoft Word

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Although Microsoft Word incorporates robust table capabilities, each version of the application treats tables somewhat differently. This causes confusion for many users, who may opt instead to space out text with tabs or spaces. In Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, tables have two dedicated ribbons, one for design and one for layout, that give you control over nearly any aspect of a table you can think of. Although you cannot rotate the table in one elegant move, rotating the text and then adjusting the cell dimensions accomplishes the task.


Step 1

Select an entire table in a Word document, then click the "Layout" tab.

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Step 2

Click the "Text Direction" button in the Alignment group to rotate the table 90 degrees clockwise. Click again to rotate 180 degrees, 270 degrees from the start -- Word assumes you do not want an upside-down table, nor does it allow a freely rotated table, slanting to odd degrees.


Step 3

Adjust cell borders by clicking and dragging as necessary.



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