How to Rotate a Video in After Effects

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After Effects was created by the Company of Science and Arts in January 1993. As of 2011, the program is manufactured and sold by Adobe. After Effects is digital motion graphics and composition software that offers high-quality editing and visual effects creation capabilities for videos. Since the program offers extensive complex options, it is important to learn the basic operations to get the most out of this motion graphics software.


Step 1

Click the "File" button and choose "New" on the top menu bar once you have opened Adobe After Effects. Select the "New Project" button.

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Step 2

Click the "File" button, then select "Import." Browse to your video file, and select to import it. Place the video or object on the composition platform of After Effects.


Step 3

Click the video and hold the mouse button down to drag the video from the composition placement to the time line. Click on the video name in the time line window and press the "R" key. This adds a rotation directly under the video.

Step 4

Click the stopwatch beside the rotation. See two numbers; leave the first at "0" if you want to start the rotation from the beginning of the video. If you want to rotate an object or portion of the video after the start of the video, the first number represents the number of times the object will complete a 360-degree rotation.



Step 5

Click the second number, which has a degree sign, and set the number for the degree of rotation. For example, if you need the entire video turned, select 90 degrees and press "Enter."

Step 6

Click on the outside of the video, and drag the entire corner to adjust the screen to original size. Click "File" and choose "Save As." Select a name for the video project and continue with any other effects.

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