How to Save a GIF File

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Save a GIF file using a graphics program.

As you browse the Internet, the images you see on web pages are generally one of three formats: JPEG, PNG or GIF. GIF files are Graphics Interchange Format files, often used on the Internet because they compress readily into small file sizes for computer viewing without losing quality. You can also transform a GIF image into an animated image using an animation program. Save a GIF file using a graphics program to ensure you save it as a GIF image.


Step 1

Open the graphics program and then open the GIF image within the graphics program ("File," "Open" and then navigate to the location of the GIF file on your computer).

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Step 2

Click "File" and "Save As" to save the GIF file in the proper format.


Step 3

Name the GIF file anything you desire by clicking your mouse in the empty field and entering the file name.

Step 4

Click the small arrow to the right of the file name field. Scroll down the list of file formats until you find the "GIF" format. Highlight this format and click "Save."


Saving images as a GIF file preserves any animations as well as transparent layers that may be a part of the image. If you save a GIF image as a JPEG image, these aspects of the image will be lost.